Underdog Soft Bra

HK$240 HK$390
顏色: 456 spruce


  • 94% TENCEL™ Modal x Micro Air, 6% elastane

  • All natural, ultra soft stretch fabric provides comfort for all silhouettes
  • Adjustable straps, removable padding with a hook-and-eye closure
  • Subtle three wolves print on the inside
  • Eco-friendly fabric is breathable, lightweight and unfavourable for bacterial growth


  • Long lasting, durable with good colour retention
  • Made from beech wood and biodegradable
  • Ethical and sustainable productions which use less energy and water

    Using the same fabric as our best selling Silktouch Collection, Underdog is Tani's charitable project. Proceeds will be donated to our partnering charities.  

    The unique three wolves design is by Jody Asano, an American multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Tokyo. Grey wolves are the wild ancestors of domesticated dogs. Once widespread across most of North America, they almost became extinct due to ruthless hunting. Years of strong conservation efforts have restored some of the wild wolves population in their former habitat.