Swiss Cotton bonded V Neck Short Sleeve Tee

Color : white 01
Size :


  • 92% Swiss Cotton™ 8% Lycra®

Comfort and Everyday Luxury

  • Swiss Cotton is synonymous with High Quality
  • Only 3% of worlds Cotton output is Swiss Cotton Standard
  • Cool and Crisp with a Luxurious finish
  • Lightweight without comprising touch and feel
  • Easy Care, Durable and Retains shapw

The name Swiss Cotton™ is synonymous with quality. Manufactured using the very best cotton grown in the USA or Egypt, Swiss Cotton™ uses extra long fibres from ELS or extra long staples cotton to produce fabrics of the highest standard. The ultimate in everyday luxury.

Only 3% of annual world cotton output meets the strongest requirements of Swiss Cotton™. The result fabric is light weight without compromising touch and feel, and retains shape and softness even after repeat washing.

Tani's Swiss Cotton™ collection is made with 100s Swiss Cotton™, manufactured in a family owned mill near Zurich on fine gauge circular knitting machines powered mostly by green energy.

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